Executives & By-Laws
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Executives & By-Laws

President's Message

2020 President

2020 President

Darrel Bagley 
Memories: Remembering the Old and Creating New

It is my pleasure to welcome everyone to the 2020 Brazoria County Fair. Serving as the 82nd president is a great honor. It is a blessing to work with such great volunteers who are dedicated to providing the opportunity for our local youth to learn responsibility, leadership, and seeing the benefits of hard work.

I want to say Thank You to all the sponsors, volunteers, and supporters who are key to this association’s success in providing an event to help the kids of Brazoria County. 2020 has started out in a way that no one has ever seen before. Everyone is facing all sorts of challenges in just living everyday life. That is no different for the Fair Association. We have been working hard with our County Officials, Sponsors and embracing technology to do the best we can to get ready for October.

Please come join us October 9th – October 17th at the 2020 Brazoria County Fair and be a part of this year’s theme, “Memories: Remembering the Old and Creating New”. Hopefully, with all the trials and tribulations everyone has endured, this year’s fair will give everyone the opportunity to create fonder memories of 2020.

Thank You,

Darrel Bagley, President

2020 Brazoria County Fair Association

2020 BCFA Officers

President Elect President Elect Brad Deleon
Brad Deleon
1st Vice President 1st Vice President Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez
2nd Vice President 2nd Vice President JoAnn Griggs
JoAnn Griggs
Theresa Theriot
Assistant Treasurer Assistant Treasurer Clint McGough
Clint McGough
Secretary Secretary JT McCracken
JT McCracken

2020 BCFA Executive Committee

Chad Herzog

Charlie Schulze
Chelsea Wiseman
David Hines
Dawson Bryington
Felton Jones
Greg Kresta
Jim Chenault
Jim Weaver
Kay Cole
Kerry Moore
Michael Matz
Randy Harang
Randy Rhyne
Richard Larson
Stacy Smith
TR Williams
Travis Rossow

Brazoria County Fair Association By-Laws

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