2021 Officers, Executives, Staff & By-Laws
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2021 Officers, Executives, Staff & By-Laws

2021 President Brad deLeon

2021 President Brad deLeon

"Fun For The Whole Herd"  

I would like to start by saying Thank You to our volunteers, sponsors, veterans, first responders and elected officials. Without each one of you, we would not be here today having these events to support the youth of Brazoria County.

It is my pleasure to welcome everyone to each of the 2021 Brazoria County Fair events. I could not be happier knowing the hundreds of volunteers that make these events happen, had the faith and trust in me to elect me as your 83rd President.

To say 2020 was a challenge I believe is an understatement. Brazoria County Fair Association has done and will continue to do anything in our reach to continue to provide a fun and safe experience for the entire family. That’s why I chose the motto “Fun for The Whole Herd”. There is something here for all age groups even mom and dad.

My family and I look forward to seeing you and your families at the events surrounding the 83rd Brazoria County Fair.

Thank you,

Brad deLeon, President 2021

Brazoria County Fair Association

2021 BCFA Officer Team

President-Elect President-Elect
Theresa Theriot
1st Vice President 1st Vice President
Richard Larson
2nd Vice President 2nd Vice President
Michael Matz
Secretary Secretary
Dawson Bryington
Treasurer Treasurer
Randy Rhyne
Asst Treasurer Asst Treasurer
Clint McGough
2021 Officer Team 2021 Officer Team

Executive Committee

Brad deLeon
Brad Reich
Brandon Dilleshaw
Charlie Schulze
Chelsea Wiseman
Cindy Parker
Clint McGough
Darrel Bagley
Darrell Webb
David Hines
Dawson Bryington
Felton Jones
Greg Kresta

Executive Committee

J.T. McCracken
Jim Weaver
Joann Griggs
Kay Cole
Kerry Moore
Larry Griffin
Michael Matz
Randy Harang
Randy Rhyne
Richard Larson
Stacy Smith
Theresa Theriot

Non Voting Executives

T.R. Williams - Past President
Richard Foreman - Past President
Matt Burke - Past President
Glen Bell - Past President
Joey Lashlee - Past President
Linda Holt - Past President
Greg Bryington - Past President
Joe Tribble - Past President
Ed Smith - Past President
Paul Kresta - Past President
Gary Parker - Past President
Susan Spoor - Past President
Mike Firkins - Past President
Larry Griffin - County Liaison


Tammi Vasquez

Tammi Vasquez

Livestock Coordinator
Facility Rentals
Mandy Kallus

Mandy Kallus

Admin Assistant
Committee Requests

Brazoria County Fair Association By-Laws

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