2019 Contest Winners
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2019 Contest Winners

2019 Fair Mom - Kristi McIntyre

2019 Fair Queen - Destiny Cottrell (Columbia HS)

2019 James Massey Award -Colby Patterson (AlvinHS)

2019 Rodeo Queen - Gracie Roessler (Alvin HS)

2019 Little Mr and Miss - Carter & Makinley

2019 Clown Face Contest - Zoey

2019 Parade

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Best Religious - Angleton Christian School

Best Children’s -Danbury Cheer - Highest Score Overall Showed Fair Theme

Best Civic - Vow 22

Best Commerical- sonic

Best Public Service - Freeport Police Dept.

2019 BBQ Cook-Off

2019 Home Canning

Best of Show Winner
Amber Singleton

Second Best of Show
Debbie McDonald

2019 Crafts and Hobbies

Woodcraft- Harry Johnson
Metalcrafts - Jaclyn Cross
Glasscrafts- Joy Lackey
Leathercrafts- William Heimeyer
Ceramics- Sherry Gaines
Textile Art- Cathy Benavidez
Decorative Painting- Sherry Cavitt
Crafts- Janice McEwen
Holiday Crafts- Dwayne Johnson
Sewing- Alyssa Ortega
Collections/Hobbies- Nancy Kutej
Patriotic Theme- Morgan Laird
Bead Work- Robin Crosby

Outstanding Youth
Ayaka Iijima
Maya Cosme
Ocean Landreneu
Decker Percle
Roan Nash

Outstanding Adult
Janice McEwan
Sherry Cavitt
Robin Crosby
Sherry Cavitt

Best of Show
Senior Adult- Harry Johnson
Adult- Jodi Larson
Special Adult - Dwayne Thomas
Senior Youth- Kyler Blevins
Junior Youth - Tanner Cross

Best of Show Overall- Sherry Cavitt
Most Patriotic - Morgan Laird
Best of Show - Special Children and Adults- Dwayne Thomas

2019 Youth Talent

Preschool Solo -
1. Cambree with PHA
2. Emma Sue with The Warehouse Athletics
Childrens Solo - McKinlie with TX Empire
Childrens Group-
1. Let's Groove with Jana's School of Dance
2. RCA Shining Stars
3. Clogging group with the Warehouse Athletics
Junior Vocal Solo-
1. Karly Anderson
2. Avery Vance
3. Josh Rios
Junior Vocal Group- Avery & Ella
Junior dance Solo-
1. Sherry Dodson
2. Emily Fricker
3. Avery Mayor
Junior Dance Group-
1. Mic Drop Divas with PAA
2. TWA Lightning with the Warehouse Athletics
3. J Co III with Jana's School of Dance
Senior Vocal Solo-
1. Tiana
2. Kaiya
3. Nataly
Senior Dance Solo
1. Brooke Lauw with PAA
2. Natalie Flores
3. Hope Hunter with PAA
Senior Dance Group-
1. Divas with a Dude - Texas Empire
2. Fergie Mix with Jana's School of Dance
Variety Solo-
1. McKenzy Hall
2. Callie Fuselier

2019 Student Art

2019 Needlework - TBA

Rice Plus

Junior Grand Champion- Peyton Hanchey
Senior Grand Champion- Nick Barnes
Adult Grand Champion- Sherri Meekins

Kitchen Pride

Honey Overall Winner- Hailey Betancourt

Youth Grand Champion- Samantha Barnes
Reserve Grand Champion- Emma Brenek

Adult Grand Champion- Missy Bevers
Reserve Grand Champion- Becky Mahurin

2019 Pet Parade

2019 Twirling

2019 Photography


3. Nancy Stickler

2. Nancy Stickler

1. Nancy Stickler

Best of Class- Nancy Stickler

Amateur Portrait

Honorable Mention- Karen Downing

3. Jordan Segelken

2. Norma Mata

1. Amanda Bower

Best of Class -Amanda Bower

Amateur Event

3. Janie DeJesus

2. Lauren Smith

1. Amanda Bower

Best of Class- Amanda Bower

Best of Show – Amanda Bower

Amateur Photographic Display

Honorable Mention- Katie Reed

3. C.J. Heironimus

2. Stephanie Nance

1. Bryon Barney

Best of Class – Bryon Barney

Amateur Scenic

Honorable Mention- Jordan Segelken

Honorable Mention – Andrea Aguire

3. Amanda Bower

3. Gary Downing

2. John Haelewyn III

2. Andrea Aguire

1. Bryon Barney

1. Bryon Barney

Best of Class – Bryon Barney

Amateur General

Honorable Mention – Amanda Bower

Honorable Mention – Karen Downing

3. Lindsey Holcomb

3. Janie DeJesus

2. Lindsey Holcomb

2. Catherine Jordan

1. Amanda Bower

Best Of Class – Amanda Bower

Student Event

Honorable Mention- Stephanie Brown

3. Melanie Soto

2. Cory Brown

1. Ashlyn Murpy

Best of Class -Ashlyn Murpy

Student General

Honorable Mention – Jolee McDonald

Honorable Mention- Meiling Wade

3. John Haelweyn

3. Brett Pinkston

2. Sarah Heimeyer

2. Lacey Jacobson

1. Madeline Edwards

1. Bailey Bradley

Best of Class – Madeline Edwards

Student Portrait

Honorable Mention – Cory Brown

3. Lacey Jacobson

2. Cory Brown

1. Jolee McDonald

Best of Class- Jolee McDonald

Student Scenic

Honorable Mention- Cameron Carpenter

Honorable Mention- Hannah Smith

3. Kinley Varzel

2. Laura Baugh

2. Sierra Hardesty

1. Cameron Carpenter

Best of Class – Cameron Carpenter

Student Scholarship (portfolio)

4. Tyler Rice

3. Justin Rossow

2. Emma Hagamen

1.Makaela Calami

2019 Scarecrow

1st- Girl Scout Troop 144073
2nd- Angleton Warriors 4H
3rd- Girl Scouts Troop #144015
Intermediate Group
1st - Columbia Brazoria FFA
2nd- Columbia Brazoria FFA
3rd- Halfway 4H
Senior High Group
1st- Angleton Softball
2nd- Columbia Brazoria FFA
3rd- Midway 4H
1st- Danbury FFA
2nd- Midway 4H
3rd- Midway 4H

2019 JCCA Results

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