Junior Breeding Beef Show
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Breeding Beef

Date: Sept 01 - Oct 18, 2023
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Chairmen: Jennifer Garcia & Kelsey Hendricks

Congratulations to all of the 2023 Breeding Beef exhibitors

2023 Results

Grand Champion - George Shackleford
Reserve Champion - Paige Horak
Senior Showmanship - Teagan Goble
Senior Reserve Showmanship - Holden Jefferson
Intermediate Showmanship - Re'Ana Villanueva
Intermediate Reserve Showmanship - Presley Barrett
Junior Showmanship - Mollie Horak
Junior Reserve Showmanship - Makenzie Pier

2022 Results

Grand Champion - Slade Sillavan
Reserve Champion - Kalleigh Roberts
Senior Showmanship - Jordan Baldridge
Intermediate Showmanship - Riley Upham
Junior Showmanship - Callie Smith

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Breeding Beef Rules

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