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Barrel Race

Date: Oct 06, 2018

Brazoria County Fair Barrel Race
Sponsored By - Grayco Welding

Date: Saturday, October 6, 2018,
Place: Brazoria County Fairground Arena
Books Open: 9 am
Exhibition Times: 9:30 am - 11:30 pm, 8 & Under 2D 12:30 pm, Followed by Open 5D

Fees: Exhibition $5 per run, 8 & Under 2D $10 (1 second split), Youth 4D, $21 (½, ½, 1 second splits), Adult 4D $21 (½ second splits), Senior 4D $21 (½ second splits), Open 5D $50 (½ second splits)

Ages for Incentives: Youth 4D 18 & under; Adult 4D 19-44, Senior 4D 45 & up

$5000 added money to the Open 5D Equal Payout

No office or service fee!


70% Payback, 100% Added Money for 5D 8 & under (prizes 1st – 3rd in each division)

Gulf Coast Barrel Racing Association (GCBRA) will handle all pre-entries. Pre-entry forms will be available on the BCFA and GCBRA websites. All pre-entries for the October 6, 2018, BCFA barrel race must be entered by October 5, 2018. Noon entries will be refunded minus a $10 service fee only with a vet release & vet releases
will only be accepted until October 6.

Pre-Entries by text only starting on Monday, September 24, 2018, Aarin Wentzel - 409-739-2128

The draw will be posted on the BCFA and GCBRA website by September 26, 2018. Said information will be provided to BCFA in EXCEL format by September 22, 2018.

Pre-sale exhibitions will be sold in 30 minute increments from 9:30-11:30am. If a person fails to show up and take their exhibition at the time their name is called, they forfeit the exhibition and no refunds will be given.

Location: Brazoria County Fairgrounds Arena – 901 S. Downing Road, Angleton, Texas

No Stalls Available

The jackpot will be run by Gulf Coast Barrel Racing Association rules as noted on

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